Art & Eden 2017 Highlights

Art & Eden 2017 Highlights

Art & Eden is a inspiring eco-friendly brand that we are proud to carry at Baby B. The company is all about making a positive impact on local and international communities as well as the environment. All their cotton is 100% organic and if they use any other fabric for trimmings, it is always recycled or up-cycled. Art & Eden uses low impact dyes, works with certified factories, uses sustainable materials, supports artists, and all their packaging is recycled. 

Fashion aside, Art & Eden has created the Clothes for Cure campaign, for ever garment sold helps nourish an under resourced child. SInce they began this campaign they have administered 1 million multi-vitamins and over 7,000 doses of Albendazole (an anti parasitic medication) to children in El Salvador, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Just this year they administered 3500+ doses of Albendazole and multi-vitamins!

'Your little ones may eat organic, but do they wear organic? We may not “digest” clothes the way that we do food, but would you want chemicals in our children’s clothing and on their skin?" - Art & Eden

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