Collection: Limited Edition

This season's limited edition collection is made of certified, sustainable cotton. A set of 5 pieces for girls and 4 pieces for boys. A beautiful organic cotton, ribbed collection that is timeless.

This brand focuses on sustainability, social, environmental, and economic improvements.

  • Improving the flow of sustainable cotton throughout the textile chain.
  • Preparation for dying made detergent obtained through orange peel.
  • Dyeing with natural dyes that reduce water and energy consumption.
  • RR ( Ride Recycle) fabric softener formulate with rice husk oil.

Natural Colors:

  • Curcum: Dye from Turmeric or Saffron
  • Natural: Dye from the natural color or sustainable cotton
  • Chlorofila: Dye from green plants, responsible for photosynthesis (Chlorophyll)
  • Anil: Dye extracted from plants typical of the tropics (Indigo)
  • Urucum: Dye from the Urucu plant (Urucium)